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Six Open-Cell Foam Face Shields


New - AquaFlex® High Surface Area Open-Cell Foam FACE SHIELD!

(Patent Pending)

Functions as a shield/barrier to mitigate the risk of infection from airborne pathogens and the risk of you infecting others!

Includes 6 Open-Cell Foam Face Shields!

The AquaFlex® Face Shield from AquaFlex® BioSolutions provides 36 square feet of surface area while the typical cloth shield provides 2.7 square feet of surface area. At over 10X the surface area of cloth face shields, the AquaFlex® Open-Cell Foam Face Shield significantly increases the probability that airborne pathogens will be blocked and/or trapped in the high surface area Open-Cell capillary network versus a cloth shield.

In these times of unknowns on how the invisible COVID-19 can infect people via the air, and recent media questioning the efficacy of cloth face shields and even face mask filters, our Open-Cell Foam Capillary Network technology that is the basis for the AquaFlex® Face Shield can be used to help mitigate the risk of human infection.

Unlike other face coverings and even some masks, the AquaFlex® Face Shield will still be effective in mitigating the risk of human infection if it gets wet (e.g. rain) and can be reused after applying sanitizer, washing, and even going through a dryer as illustrated in this short video:

AquaFlex® Face Shield to help block COVID-19, Legionella, & other airborne pathogens

Eco Friendly!

Our Patented AquaFlex® Open-Cell Foam is durable, washable and can be reusable and dishwasher safe. 
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Accept No Substitutes!

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Recent articles about the unknowns of COVID-19 airborne transmission and the efficacy of cloth face shields and masks:

Coronavirus Can Last on Face Masks for a Week, Banknotes for Days: Study – "The novel coronavirus that causes COVID-19 can remain infectious on face masks for up to a week, and last on banknotes, stainless steel and plastic surfaces for days, according to a study.

"Strikingly," the researchers said, there was still a detectable level of infection on the outer layer of a surgical face mask after seven days.

"This is exactly why it is very important if you are wearing a surgical mask you don't touch the outside of the mask," Peiris said.

"Because you can contaminate your hands and if you touch your eyes you could be transferring the virus to your eyes," he was quoted by SCMP…” ~News18

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New York Orders Residents to Wear Masks in Public –"...Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo said all New Yorkers must wear face coverings when social distancing is not possible, including on public transport, in stores and on crowded sidewalks.

Imposing a stricter measure to control the spread of the coronavirus, Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo said on Wednesday that he would start requiring people in New York to wear masks or face coverings in public whenever social distancing was not possible.

The order will take effect on Friday and will apply to people who are unable to keep six feet away from others in public settings, such as on a bus or subway, on a crowded sidewalk or inside a grocery store.

“Stopping the spread is everything,” Mr. Cuomo said during his daily briefing in Albany. “How can you not wear a mask when you’re going to come close to a person?”

The new requirements are bound to make face coverings an inescapable and perhaps jarring sight in New York City for the foreseeable future. They could also introduce a level of mutual obligation and civic duty about wearing masks in public that is more firmly established in Asia than in the West…” ~New York Times

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Some Scientists Say Just Breathing or Talking May Spread COVID-19. Here's What We Know“…When a sick person coughs or sneezes, large droplets fly through the air and can infect people nearby (usually under a metre or so but sometimes across much larger distances).

These are called respiratory droplets, and this is how experts think most people are getting sick with COVID-19.

Due to the droplets' relatively large size, greater than 5 micrometers, they usually don't travel very far, and they don't stay in the air too long…” ~Science Alert, ~Jama Network, ~World Health Organization

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Pennsylvania enforcing face mask requirement to protect essential workers from COVID-19 “…Levine says the state's Department of Health recommends homemade cloth coverings, because the medical-grade surgical masks and N95 face masks that have been in such short supply need to be reserved for health care workers.

“The masks that we are asking people to wear are cloth masks. Those are the cloth masks you can buy in a store or on the internet. Or a cloth mask you make yourself.”

Their purpose is to limit the spread of the coronavirus. Health officials say that anyone, including people who are not showing any symptoms of COVID-19, may be a carrier of the virus.

“We expect that Pennsylvanians will do the right thing, and the shops and businesses will do the right thing, and that everyone will be wearing a mask, which protects our community," she said…” ~News Radio KJW 1060 AM