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The AquaFlex Story

The AquaFlex Story

Scott Smith and the AquaFlex Story

Scott Smith is the founder and CEO of AquaFlex Holdings and the inventor of the Open-Cell foam technology that has been proven in more than 60 water contamination disasters since 2010.

Mr. Smith is a named inventor on six issued patents and fourteen patent-pending applications relating to specialty polyolefin foams used for both water testing and remediation of waterways contaminated from industrial oil and chemical spills.

In 2014, Smith filed a patent application for Open-Cell foams, based on the real world experience he gained from more than 60 industrial oil and chemical spills. His invention is based on Open-Cell foam technology for the simultaneous detection and removal of oil and related chemicals from water & air relating to industrial oil and chemical spills.

Based on Smith’s patent pending technology, AquaFlex is marketing innovative Open-Cell foam products in the following vertical industries:

  • Biotechnology & Medical/Drug Delivery – antidotes for chemical exposures and other medical treatments
  • Oil/Chemical Spill Markets - simultaneous detection/removal of oil/related chemicals from water

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